Believe it or not, this site gives you all the answers to math and science textbooks. Check out the video.




– A community website that lets you browse for books that have been created by other members of the ZooBurst community 
– A 3D book-builder that includes over 10,000 searchable items to add to your books
– An online book viewer that lets you view your books on the ZooBurst website or embed them into your own site or blog
– An ‘Augmented Reality’ mode that lets you experience a book from within the palm of your hand (requires an active webcam)
– Photo ‘postcards’ that let you share pictures of yourself while holding your virtual books in AR mode

The Teaching Channel

Check out the teaching channel at http://www.teachingchannel.org .  Here is some info:

1) Make Tch Work for You
In  to get the most out of Teaching Channel, complete your Workspace Profile. Select your grade, subject, and educational interests; with this information, we will keep you updated about new videos that match your interests.

2) Keep Track of Tch Videos
You can add any video to your free, personal, Lesson Planner. You can even schedule an email reminder for when you want to try that strategy during the school year. Watch the video to learn how to use this great resource.

3) Take Customized Notes
When you view a video, click the “my notes” (second) tab. Every note will come with a little red time stamp that can be used to fast forward or rewind when you share those notes (or just want to review your own comments). Now that is a timesaver! To see notes in action, watch this video.

Daily Writing Prompts

Source: theteacherscorner.net via Shighla on Pinterest

Click above to get daily March writing prompts and PDFs.

Divisibility Rules

Source: google.com via Shighla on Pinterest

Algebra Words

Source: reallygoodstuff.com via Shighla on Pinterest

Science 360 – cutting edge discoveries

Science360 Knowledge Network immerses visitors in the latest wonders of science, engineering, technology and math. They gather the latest science videos provided by scientists, colleges and universities, science and engineering centers, the National Science Foundation and more. Each video is embeddable to put on your own personal websites, blogs and social networking pages. Science360 engages the general public, science junkies and students alike in the cutting-edge discoveries and big science stories of the day.


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